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About Elise's Pieces

Hi ! I'm Elise and I'm a student at Leeds Arts University. Elise's Pieces is a small business idea I started to explore at the beginning of the covid-19 lockdown, and it began to grow quickly through instagram. I sell handmade air dry clay pots and ash/trinket dishes as well as some illustrative prints. To keep everything as sustainable and good for the environment as possible I order the prints onto 100% recycled card. I also try to keep packaging also as environmentally  friendly as possible by  using biodegradable bubble wrap, and packing peanuts! Thank you for taking the time to support Elise's Pieces :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pots and trays made from?

I use airdry clay for all of the pottery pieces. Airdry clay is water based and is therefore not food or water safe. If you wish to put a small succulent or plant in the pot use a small plastic container in the pot to protect it, or water it outside of the pot. The pots/dishes are also very fragile, so take good care of them :)

What if my item arrives damaged?

It's okay! Accidents happen. If your piece arrives damaged, please send me photos and we can sort it out. I can not be responsible for any damages that happen after its arrived with you unfortunately.

How long will my pot or dish take to get to me?

Currently, the turn around time for custom pots is around 4 weeks. If you order a pre-made pot, it will arrive quicker, around 1/2 weeks depending on when it gets shipped.

What is the difference between a custom ashtray/pot and a premade ashtray/pot?

A pre made ashtray or pot is one I have already designed and made, and is up on the website ready to buy. A custom ashtray or pot is where you have specific ideas for the piece you want, including boob size, colours, pattern ( polka dot, flowers, cow print ).  Custom slots are limited as they are much more time consuming and individually specific. 

How do I look after my clay pot/ash tray ?

As the pots and ash trays are made out of air dry clay, you are not able to get them wet and they are not food and drink safe. If you wish to clean your ash tray or pot, you can use a slightly damp cloth or wipe. If you plan on using your pot for a plant, choose a plant that doesn't need a lot of watering, or place a plastic container inside to prevent any water from building up in the pot and damaging it. 

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How It Works

Returns and Refunds

I do NOT accept returns or refunds. If your item arrives damaged, get into contact with me and you will be given credit to use on something else being sold or a replacement item can be made.